SecuRam.  The Innovative Leader in the Safe Lock Industry.

With over 21 years of security industry expertise, SecuRam is a leading manufacturer of electronic security products.  We have designed our products to satisfy the highest of security needs, for both commercial and residential markets. We strive to produce innovative, high quality solutions to meet today's physical security requirements.

What are Professionals saying about SecuRam?


"SecuRam is the new standard in safe locks."

George Thornton, Safe & Vault Professional, Seattle WA


Bluetooth Connectivity:  "Stay Connected.  Stay Protected."

Neil Messick, Safe & Vault Professional, Bakersfield, CA

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What's New?

1.0 SafeLogic Xtreme

SecuRam is pleased to introduce SafeLogic Xtreme - an electromechanical redundant safe lock system that gives you the convenience of an electronic push button lock with the time tested reliability of a mechancial SpinDial lock.

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SecuRam Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality electronic locks for commercial and residential purposes. Our locks feature biometric fingerprint entrypads, electronic combination entrypads, and mixed entry methods.

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