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SecuRam Systems, headquartered in Southern California, offers a wide variety of electronic safe locks for applications such as gun safes, home safes, commercial and corporate safes, ATM safes, and bank safes & vaults. 

With three product lines, SecuRam has a safe lock system perfect for almost any safe application.

  • The SafeLogic Series is comprised of our Basic electronic safe lock systems, featuring rugged stainless construction including BackLit EntryPads for easy code entry - even in the dark. Just enter  your 6 digit code and you're in! It's that easy.


  • The ProLogic Series offers commercial functionality such as 30 users, Dual Control, Audit Trails, and TimeLock with optional wireless connectivity. ProLogic with its onboard LCD screen is perfect fro trouble-free operation: Perfect for commercial and retail applications. 


  •   The ScanLogic Series is an innovative line of biometric safe locks.  Open your safe by scanning your fingerprint. Fingerprint technology ensures that only authorized users can open the safe. ScanLogic: Scan your fingerprint - Fast access!


 With over 21 years of security industry expertise, SecuRam is a leading manufacturer of electronic security products.  We have designed our products to satisfy the highest of security needs, for both commercial and residential markets. We strive to produce high quality products that will provide our customers with security options at the best value. Our vast selection of electronic locks for safes and vaults can accommodate many budgets and can be applied to just about any situation. 

Biometric Security is also one of our specialties.  We have developed a variety of different product lines of safe locks and entrypads, including fingerprint biometrics.  These top level security devices offer superior protection and safekeeping of your precious valuables.

What makes SecuRam a leader in security products is our strict manufacturing workmanship and process management. We are constantly developing new products and improving current products.  We are regularly focusing our resources on new product research, development and engineering.  This core value allows us to stay at the top of the market and provide the  best products possible. 

We have become recognized as a leader in the Electronic Safe Lock and Biometric Security markets through innovative design and consistent manufacturing processes.

SecuRam is your source for reliable safe lock systems with innovative features and unprecedented product performance. 

 SecuRam... Security You Can Trust...Ram Tough!

SecuRam Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality electronic locks for commercial and residential purposes. Our locks feature biometric fingerprint entrypads, electronic combination entrypads, and mixed entry methods.

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