About us

SECURAM Systems Inc., headquartered in Southern California, offers a wide variety of electronic safe locks for applications such as gun safes, home safes, commercial and corporate safes, ATM safes, and bank safes & vaults.


In 2005, after numerous requests from large North American safe manufacturers for reliable, innovative electronic safe lock systems, SecuRam Systems Inc. was founded. 

With our roots in electronic access control, SECURAM Systems set about to design and manufacture innovative electronic and mechanical safe locks systems to meet the needs of the worldwide safe and vault market.


While other adjacent security markets have seen the inclusion of advanced technology, network connectivity and communication integration within its systems, the safe and vault market unfortunately did not advance at a similar pace.


SECURAM aimed to change that trend, designing and successfully launching a total of 157 different safe lock systems since 2005...and counting...


With technology integrations such as biometric authentication, network and remote programming capability, SMS communication for real-time activity/status reporting and wireless connectivity, SECURAM safe locks continue to become the choice of safe owners and Loss Prevention professionals worldwide.


With 3 product lines and 4 lock bodies to choose from, SECURAM has a safe lock system perfect for almost any safe application.


Build the right safe lock system for the job: Select the EntryPad that has the features you need, then choose the lock body that is right for your application.


  • The SafeLogic Series is comprised of our Basic electronic safe lock systems, featuring rugged stainless construction including BackLit EntryPads for easy code entry - even in the dark.

      Just enter your 6 digit code and you're in! It's that easy.


  • The ProLogic Series, with onboard LCD screen, offers commercial functionality such as 30 users, Dual Control, Audit Trails, and TimeLock with optional wireless connectivity.

      ProLogic: Perfect for commercial and retail applications.


  • The ScanLogic Series is an innovative line of biometric safe locks. Open your safe by scanning your fingerprint.   Fingerprint technology ensures that only authorized users can open the safe.  ScanLogic: Scan your fingerprint - Fast access!



SECURAM is your source for reliable safe lock systems with innovative features and unprecedented product performance.



SECURAM:  Reliable.  Innovative.  Trusted.