Wireless Link & Audit Management Software 

Part# WSK Audit 



The Wireless Link is a portable wireless audit receiver.  The Wireless Link is used to extract the audit trail from the ProLogic or ScanLogic Wireless capable safe lock systems.


Its easy.  Provided the Wireless Link is within 30 feet of the safe lock, just enter your Manager Code in the safe lock and select "Wireless Connection".  All audit trail events are automatically transfered wirelessly to the Wireless Link.


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USB/Wireless Encryption Key

Part# WA-U02


The USB/Wireless Encryption Key works in conjunction with the Wireless Station Management software and the Local Parameters Management software. 


It is a secure encryption key which must be plugged in to the PC operating the software allowing the software to function.  It also has a built-in Wireless Receiver/Transmitter which is used to communicate wirelessly from the PC to the safe lock systems.

Multi Lock Junction Box

Part# CB11-1T4


The Multi-Lock Junction Box is used to connect (1) EntryPad to up to (4) Lock Bodies.


This Junction Box also has an AC Input so that your safe lock system can be powered by AC as primary power and the 9V battery will act as backup.

Duress Module "A"

Part# CB10-A


The Duress Module "A" can be used to send a silent signal to the alarm panel in the event of a duress code being entered into the safe lock system.  This module also reports penalty time occurences and monitors door opening times.


Additionally, this module provides connection for up to (4) Lock Bodies and has an AC power input.


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AC/DC Power Adaptor

Part# AC/DC9


The AC/DC Power Adaptor is used to provide AC power to the safe lock system.  When used, AC becomes the primary power source for the safe lock system while the 9V battery remains as backup power.


This Adaptor can be used in conjunction with the Multi-Lock Junction Box or Duress Module "A" or "B".

Magnetic Door Sensor

Part # 5C-36


The Magnetic Door Sensor is used to monitor the status of the safe door.  This sensor is used in conjunction with Duress Module "A" or "B".


The ProLogic and ScanLogic Series EntryPads are capable of monitoring the Lock bolt status.  With the Duress Module and Magnetic Door Sensor connected, the system can also monitor the door status as well.


Alarm Buzzer

Part # HYD-4023


The Alarm Buzzer is used in conjunction with Duress Modules "A" or "B" to provide an audible alarm when the safe door is opened longer than the programmed Maximum Door Opening time.


Several of the ProLogic and ScanLogic Series EntryPads have the ability to monitor the Lock Bolt status and Door Open status. The allowable door/lock opening time can be programmed in these EntryPads.

45 Degree Entrypad Adapter - Makes LCD Viewing Easier

Part #45E