EMP Resistant Locks


SECURAM safe locks are certified EMP Resistant having completed the US Military’s most extreme EMP testing. MIL-STD-4615.


An Electromagnetic pulse blast has the potential to disable or destroy electronic equipment. In order to predict the effect of an EMP attack on SECURAM safe Locks, SECURAMturned to the US Military. 


The US Military has established a testing standard MIL-STD-4615 to test military equipment. Under this test, the equipment, our safe lock, was subjected to high levels of Electromagnetic radiation in an attempt to simulate an EMP attack.  The safe locks were tested for operation before the EMP exposure and after. To pass the test, the safe lock must be able to operate normally- when you enter your code the safe lock must open, allowing access to the safe. 


In each case, SECURAM safe locks operated as expected, allowing access and normal operation. EMP Resistance, with SECURAM safe Locks you can rest assured - your safe will open. 


To see the full test report, click below.