Smart Home Door Lock

SecuRam Systems, a leader in electronic security, is pleased to introduce the GENESIS TOUCH Smart Home Door Lock incorporating the latest biometric authentication - Finger Vein ID.


Finger Vein ID technology goes well beyond fingerprint scanning - it analyzes the blood vessel or vascular pattern below the epidermal layer of your finger and then using our unique matching algorithm, validates entry to only enrolled users.


Blood vessel patterns are unique to each individual, as are other biometric data such as fingerprints or the patterns of the iris. However, unlike some biometric systems, blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit because they are located beneath the skin's surface. Biometric systems based on fingerprints can be fooled with a dummy finger fitted with a copied fingerprint. The finger vein ID system is much harder to fool and it requires the finger of a living person to authenticate. 

The GENESIS TOUCH represents a breakthrough in high security authentication for home or office use.  This technology was once only available on high end security equipment used by high tech companies.  SecuRam Systems is the first security company to successfully incorporate this very secure biometric authentication system into access control products for everyday use.  


Simply touch the GENESIS scanner and then the science goes to work to determine if you are an enrolled user.  A positive match sends a signal to the GENESIS TOUCH Smart Home Door Locks to open immediately, allowing fast and secure access to your home or office.


With optional Smart Home connectivity, you can manage and monitor your GENESIS TOUCH Smart Home Door Lock from your Smartphone. 


GENESIS TOUCH Smart Home Door Lock.  Highly secure, easy-to-use biometric technology to protect those most precious to you.


GENESIS TOUCH Smart Home Door Locks come in a variety of finishes and options.


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