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SECURAM Touch allows you to easily unlock your home by using its Touch-to-Open technology.  Just touch to open. 

This article highlights the SafeLogic Xtreme redundant safe lock. Check out this review from A Man and His Gear. Huge thanks for the support!

EMP Resistant Locks


SecuRam safe locks are certified EMP Resistant having completed the US Military’s most extreme EMP testing. MIL-STD-4615.


An Electromagnetic pulse blast has the potential to disable or destroy electronic equipment. In order to predict the effect of an EMP attack on SecuRam safe Locks, SecuRam turned to the US Military. 


The US Military has established a testing standard MIL-STD-4615 to test military equipment. Under this test, the equipment, our safe lock, was subjected to high levels of Electromagnetic radiation in an attempt to simulate an EMP attack.  The safe locks were tested for operation before the EMP exposure and after. To pass the test, the safe lock must be able to operate normally- when you enter your code the safe lock must open, allowing access to the safe. 


In each case, SecuRam safe locks operated as expected, allowing access and normal operation. EMP Resistance, with SecuRam safe Locks you can rest assured - your safe will open. 


To see the full test report, click below.


Check out this video from Wayne Winton of Tri County Locksmith Service and Jeremy Brookes at SecuRam Systems talking about SecuRam's innovative safe locks at Safetech 2018.


In case you missed it, we captured some exciting footage from 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas!   


You don't want to miss this and thanks again for another great SHOT Show!

Special thanks to IndieMarch Films

SafeLogic Xtreme receives UL Certification


EMP-Proof Redundant Safe Lock - Access Assured


It is with great pleasure that we announce the UL Certification of the SafeLogic Xtreme.


The SafeLogic Xtreme is a robust, truly redundant - electronic and mechanical combination safe lock - designed for residential, commercial and gun safes.

Reliability and Convenience in an EMP-Proof safe lock system.
The features of the SafeLogic Xtreme include:

  • (2) User Codes

  • (1) 3 wheel mechanical combination

  • True EMP-Proof safe lock system

  • BackLit electronic entrypad - lights up in the dark

  • LED light to illuminate the dialing index

  • Set mechanical combination using the provided change key.

  • Powered by (1) 9Volt battery

  • Stainless Steel Locking SwingBolt


GREAT NEWS!  We have now have UL certifications on our complete line of SafeLogic safe locks, ProLogic safe locks, and now our advanced wireless and bluetooth ProLogic safe locks and the ScanLogic Optical biometric safe locks.
This brings the total number of UL certified locks that SecuRam offers to 65 safe locks - which is the largest collection of UL certified locks offered by any safe lock company in the market today.

The UL Listing for our electronic locks is UL Subject 2058, Type 1
High Security Electronic Safe Locks. See below for details:

Here we grow again! 


Effective February 29, 2016, Securam Systems has moved into our new location in Newbury Park California. 


This state of the art facility has 7 times more space than our previous facility… that means more inventory, more manufacturing capability, and more great service and support for you – our valued customers.


Our new address is:

SecuRam Systems Inc.

3325 Grande Vista Drive,

Newbury Park, CA 91320


With your support, SecuRam Systems has become the fastest growing safe lock manufacturer worldwide.


We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks for your continued support. 


DayLight Savings


If you have a ProLogic L22 entrypad or above, you might want to review the Daylight Savings settings. We've created a video to show you how to do this.

Now there is an answer to those safe locks, where you have to get on your hands and knees to open them.


Another New Product from Securam Systems...


We have developed an adapter that can be used to rotate the keypad of your safe lock 45 degrees upwards, making it easier to see and saving your knees.  Not to mention your back.

It is a simple thing, that safe professionals have been requesting for some time.  We thought, your day is hard enough, lets make things a little easier for you and your customers. Here is a video overview, showing you how this 45 degree adapter works:


American Legion Post 48

We're now proud sponsors of Operation Helping Hand, a fundraiser in conjunction with American Legion Post 48. They offer numerous support services for thousands of veterans who have served our country. Thank you to them for all that they do.

New Factory Building!


Here's a look at our new factory building. It's 6 stories tall with plenty of room for new ideas to grow!

Push Button Access 

for Everyday Use

SpinDial Access

for Xtreme Situations

ProLogic Xtreme - a Redundant Safe Lock with commercial features 


Last year SecuRam introduced the SafeLogic Xtreme - a redundant safe lock system that incorporates the convenience of push button   access with the time tested reliability of a 3 wheel mechanical combination overide. The SafeLogic Xtreme, as it came to be known, has been

resounding success and is featured on gun safes and residential safes alike. 


As we introduced this unique redundant safe lock to commercial safe manufacturers, it became evident that there was a need in the marketplace for a redundant safe lock with commercial features - similar to the feature set found in our ProLogic product line. 


We set our very talented engineering staff to work on this next industry innovation and less than 1 year later we are pleased to announce the launch of the ProLogic Xtreme...


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