Innovative Safe Lock Systems


SafeLogic Series

The SafeLogic Series is comprised of our Basic electronic safe lock systems, featuring rugged stainless construction including BackLit EntryPads for easy code entry - even in the dark.


Just enter your 6 digit code and you're in! It's that easy.

ProLogic Series

The ProLogic Series, with onboard OLED screen, offers commercial functionality such as 30 users, Dual Control, Audit Trails, and TimeLock with optional wireless connectivity.


ProLogic: Perfect for commercial and retail applications.

ScanLogic Series

The ScanLogic Series is an innovative line of biometric safe locks. Open your safe by scanning your fingerprint.   Fingerprint technology ensures that only authorized users can open the safe.  


ScanLogic: Scan your fingerprint - Fast access!

Lock Bodies

SECURAM's Safe Locks can be paired with any of SECURAM’s EntryPads to create a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications.  The safe lock bolt mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel which results in long-lasting and reliable performance.


 SECURAM Safe Locks:  Motor-driven for maximum security

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