ProLogic OTC

One Time Code lock designed for ATM Security using patented Bluetooth and cellular data communication protocols for real-time security and control.   
ProLogic OTC Safe Lock
The ProLogic OTC has been designed specifically for ATM Security Management.
This centrally managed safe lock system, uses next generation connectivity to provide real-time “One Time Codes”, Close Seals, automated dispatch, and secure portfolio management.
Simple to Use. Reliable. Remote Management. 
  • ProLogic OTC software system makes managing ATM portfolios easy.
  • Simply register your safe locks, assign access rights to personnel and establish your operational schedule.
  • The ProLogic OTC is a connected ATM safe management system that does not reside on the Financial Institution's or ATM network.
  • The ProLogic OTC system has been designed with flexibility in mind, select the connectivity and authentication mode that is right for your business using either our SmartPhone APP or PDA/Scanner App.
  • One Time Codes are delivered in real-time from automated Dispatch Software directly to your App.
  • Close Seals are automatically transmitted to central dispatch upon task completion ensuring maximum security.
  • You will know in real-time that your ATMs are secure.
  • Shared Access is achieved seamlessly and effortlessly with a simple mouse click, without the need to “shelve” locks. (You will never “shelve” another lock again.)
  • ProLogic OTC software allows you to maintain complete control over your ATM portfolio including shared access partners. Eliminate or add a shared access partner instantly and easily.
  • Real-time audit trail is transmitted to the central dispatch after each opening
  • No cellular signal …no problem. The ProLogic OTC software has built-in redundancy with both real-time and pre-issued codes settings.
  • No more iButtons, tokens or Dallas keys, the ProLogic OTC uses electronic remote authentication.
  • Even bank employees can use convenient but secure access codes delivered right to their cellphones or authentication devices.
  • Real-time communication means your ATM assets are secure and your operation is on-track.
* It is strongly recommended to use a lock body that has an internal status sensor with all audit locks (El-0601-S, EL0701, EL-0801). The resulting audit trail will then report lock open time as well as lock close time. The EL-0601 does not have a status sensor and therefore the door close time will be reported at the same time as door open time. 

* The audit features, duress features, Bluetooth functionality, peripheral devices and accessories, software features, and other additional features have not been evaluated by UL, and are beyond the scope of UL certification program.

ATM Safe Lock Overview
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