SpinDial Access for Xtreme situations

ProLogic      treme

The ProLogic Xtreme is a highly advanced electromechanical safe lock system that offers advanced commercial features with mechancial redundancy.
Access is assured.  ProLogic Xtreme features push button code access for every day use PLUS SpinDial access when situations demand it. 
ProLogic Xtreme is available in various models to meet the most demanding commerical security protocols.  To determine which model you require,  please refer to the ProLogic Xtreme Feature Matrix by clicking this button:
Advanced Features.  Reliable. 
  • Push Button access: Enter your 6 digit code and turn the safe handle.
  • Spin Dial Access: Dial your 3 wheel combination, and turn the safe handle. That’s it.
  • Color LED screen makes even advanced programming simple.
  • TouchPad uses touch resistance technology for reliable, robust code entry.
  • EntryPad is BackLit for easy code entry lighting -even in dimly lit areas.
  • SpinDial lighting is activated upon combination entry
  • ProLogic Xtreme features Instant AutoLock feature which assures your safe is locked and secure, the moment you close the door.
  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.
  • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
  • 30 Codes: Super Code, Manager Codes and 28 User Code PLUS SpinDial 3 Wheel Combination
  • Single or Dual Mode
  • Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1-15min
  • Audit trail - time and date stamped
  • Remotely programmable
  • Finishes available:
    •   Chrome
  • Note for Left Handed bolt motion, please order the LH Adaptor Part #: XLHA-1501
Part #    
EC-1501A-X-L02 (ProLogic Xtreme L02)
EC-1501A-X-L22 (ProLogic Xtreme L22)
EC-1501A-X-L66 (ProLogic Xtreme L66)
XL-1501 (SwingBolt Electromechanical Lock body)
Push Button Access for Everyday Use

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