ProLogic WebLink

ProLogic WebLink Safe Lock

The ProLogic WebLink is a very reliable, highly advanced safe lock system ideal for the most demanding commercial applications .



The ProLogic WebLink is a full featured safe lock system that incorporates wireless connectivity for remote lock management and Live Audit Updates. ProLogic WebLink can be remotely programmed using our WebLink Remote Management software.

Simple to Use. Reliable. Remote Management. 
  • OLED Menu system guides the user through access and programming procedures

  • Audit trail records are sent to the WebLink Remote Management Software instantly

  • The ProLogic WebLink can be programmed across your secure network using the WebLink Remote Management software



  • 100 user codes

  • Super code for programming management and control

  • 1000 event audit trail can be viewed on-screen or downloaded

  • Remotely Programmable using WebLink software & Wireless Access Point

  • Wireless Audit Updates – LIVE Data Streaming

  • TimeLock, Holiday Scheduling

  • Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1-15min

  • Time Delay Overide Codes – selectable

  • Single or Dual Control Modes

  • Dual Mode Group – establish Dual Mode groups – Manager/Employee

  • Auto DayLight Savings Time

  • Duress mode with programmable shift feature

  • EntryPad can control up to 4 locks with programmable lock sequence

  • Recover System feature to reset the controller to factory default

  • Can be paired with any SecuRam Lock: SwingBolt, DeadBolt, SpringBolt and StrikeBolt

  • AC Power optional

  • Available finishes: Chrome 

* It is strongly recommended to use a lock body that has an internal status sensor with all audit locks (El-0601-S, EL0701, EL-0801) The resulting audit trail will then report lock open time as well as lock close time. The EL-0601 does not have a status sensor and therefore the door close time will be reported at the same time as door open time. 


Part #  EC-0601A-W90-II



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