Safe Monitor 

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24/7 Monitoring with SECURAM Guard App

SECURAM Safe Monitor keeps you up-to-date on the environment of your valuables by monitoring internal temperature and humidity conditions, tracking open-door status, and receiving notifications on vibration alerts 24/7.  With an easy connection to your Wi-Fi network, you can remotely monitor the environment of your firearms collection and personal valuables from anywhere with the SECURAM Guard App. 

Get alerted when the temperature, humidity, and vibration sensitivity setpoints are outside your range. Receive open-door status notifications when SECURAM Safe Monitor detects light. No matter where you are, SECURAM Safe Monitor helps you stay in the know about the conditions of your valuables through the SECURAM Guard App.

Remotely monitors:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Door status

  • Vibration

Receive alerts/notifications:

  • Temperature is beyond set points

  • Humidity is above/below the acceptable range

  • Vibration caused by safe attack

  • Safe Door open and closed


  • Connects to Wi-Fi network

  • Requires 3 AA batteries or AC power adapter*

  • Requires SECURAM app

    • * items not included in the package


Part # SH-SM01-A