ScanLogic Basic

ScanLogic Basic Safe Lock
The ScanLogic Basic is a very reliable and robust biometric safe lock
system ideal for Home safe, Gun safe and light commercial applications.
The ScanLogic Basic features SecuRam’s polycarbonate housing and an RF fingerprint sensor.
Simple to Use. Reliable. Fingerprint. 
  • Simply place your enrolled finger on the sensor and turn the safe handle.  That’s it.
  • For code access, simply enter your 6 digit code
  • ScanLogic Basic supports 3 codes and 5 associated fingerprints per code for a total of 15 fingerprints
  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management
    program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.  Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Fast 1 second fingerprint access, sensor quickly reads your fingerprint in any position and automatically unlocks
  • Enroll up to (15) Fingerprints
  • Administrator fingerprint or code is used to add new fingerprints
  • Uses active RF sensor for fast authentication and reliable service
  • Audible beeps and green/red light indicators makes programming easy
  • 4,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery (AC Power optional)
  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock
  • Changing the battery is easy with our SureLock Battery Management system. Release the lever and pull down on battery compartment
  • Can be paired with any other SecuRam motorized safe lock bodies.
Finishes available: Black Chrome
PART # FPC-1808

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