ScanLogic Finger Vein Commercial Lock

ScanLogic Finger Vein Commercial Lock


Finger Vein ID technology authenticates using Infrared Light to read the finger vein pattern of the enrolled User



  • OLED Screen for Easy programming

  • 30 Finger Vein ID Templates & User Codes. 2 manager, and 28 user codes

  • Super Code programming management and control

  • 6 Digit Code

  • 1000 Event Audit –Date/Time stamped

  • Downloadable audit trail using the Wireless Link+

  • Duress Function – selectable Duress Code shift

  • Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1-15min

  • OverideTime Delay Codes –selectable

  • Duress Time Delay –to change duration of Time Delay during Duress operation

  • TimeLock and Holiday Scheduling

  • Level 1 – Code Only

  • Level 2– Finger Vein & Code

  • Level 3 –Finger Vein or Code

  • Recovery Code

  • Single or Dual Control Modes

  • Enable/Disable User Codes

  • Can Control up to 4 locks

  • Can be paired with any SecuRam Lock

  • Finishes: Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Black Chrome

  • Standard footprint makes for easy retrofit



Part # FPC-0601A-V


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