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The World's First

Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt Lock

SECURAM Touch – the world’s first fingerprint smart deadbolt lock.  SECURAM Touch features OneTouch fingerprint access, no more fumbling for keys to open your front door. Simply touch the fingerprint sensor and you’re in. Welcome home.


SECURAM Touch uses state of the art RF fingerprint recognition to provide highly secure fast access to your home. With the ability to add up to 30 fingerprints, your entire family can have easy, fast, secure fingerprint access to your home.


With fingerprint authentication, you have the assurance of knowing that only your registered users can open the door. Unlike access codes, fingerprints can’t be shared or stolen. SECURAM Touch monitors entry to your home allowing only registered fingerprint users access.


But SECURAM Touch is also smart. SECURAM Touch connects to your home Wi-Fi network through its smart hub, giving you the convenience and security of remote control and management of your front door access. Download the


SECURAM smartphone app to take full advantage of the lock’s remote capabilities


SECURAM Touch, a smart fingerprint deadbolt lock for the connected home.

SECURAM Smart Entry V8 Fingervein


Smart Entry door lock is highly secure and the easy-to-use. Simply touch the SmartEntry scanner and a positive match sends a signal to the SmartEntry door lock to open immediately, allowing fast and secure access to your home or office.  The latest biometric authentication- Finger Vein ID goes well beyond fingerprint scanning - it analyzes the blood vessel or vascular pattern below the epidermal layer of your finger and then validates entry to only enrolled users.  SecuRam Systems is the first security company to successfully incorporate finger vein ID authentication into access control products for everyday use.



  • Waterproof  technology

  • Network connectivity

  • Digital access codes or biometric access

  • Receive alerts

  • View audit trails

  • Send an electronic code to a guest from the SmartHome app

Brighten up your Entry with Bold Inspired Color Slides:

-Spring Green

-Orchid Bloom

-Rose Pink

-Summer Sunset

-Tuscan Sun

-Autumn Leaves

-Silver Cloud

-Blue Iris

* Color Slides are interchangeable for a customized or decorative look

Fast Secure Access with Finger Vein ID

Spring Green           Orchid Bloom            Rose Pink      Summer Sunset

Tuscan Sun            Autumn Leaves         Silver Cloud             Blue Iris             

SecuRam Smart Home​ at CES in Las Vegas 2018

Experience the future of smart security, lock technology, and biometric authentication at CES 2018 Las Vegas. 


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