WebLink is a software Management system used to remotely manage and control ProLogic WebLink safe locks across your network. WebLink can send programming parameters across your intranet or internet connection to safe lock portfolio.  Add and delete users, program  single/dual control, time delay, TimeLock, receive security alerts. In addition, WebLink delivers real-time lock status and audit streaming from your entire safe lock system. 


Part# WSK-Weblink

R22 Software


The R22 OTC Software is used in conjunction with the ProLogic R22 safe lock system to create One Time User Codes for controlled singular access.


Part# WSK-R22

Local Parameters Management Software


Local Parameters Management software is designed for safe manufacturers to quickly and conveniently upload safe lock programming directly from a PC to the safe lock.  Parameters are established in the software and then transmitted wirelessly to the safe lock, making programming a snap.


Part# PSK-W01

OTC Software


The OTC software is a very advanced software system used in conjunction with the ProLogic OTC to deliver real-time One Time Codes.  OTC software is a network-enabled solution installed on your company server or PC.



DMS Software

DMS (Deposit Management System) software is the central management system that is used to manage and control an unlimited number of compartment locking systems.  DMS software is a web-based software solution installed on your server or PC and provides real-time compartment management



Audit Management Software


The Audit Management software is designed to receive Audit trail records from ProLogic and ScanLogic safe lock systems.  The Audit Management software works in conjunction with the Wireless Link.



At the safe lock use the Wireless Link to wireless receive audit trail data from the safe locks.  Then connect the Wireless Link to the PC to upload the audit events for viewing, sorting and reporting.


Part# WSK-Audit