"You guys are hitting home run after home run.


In a mere half decade, SecuRam has gone from being one of the fringe players, briefly mentioned by industry pros sitting around the bar, to becoming a major topic of conversation. 


And here is the difference. When other locks are discussed it is usually due to problems we techs discover in the field, whereas SecuRam earns the attention by thinking outside-the-box to incorporate cutting edge technology in innovative and cool ways.


You guys are well on your way to becoming the Apple of the safe lock world. Well done."

Dave McOmie, Safe & Vault Professional

"We have used the SECURAM products on our safes since near the beginning.  SECURAM even went as far as making a custom lock for us that we use to this day!  I have recommended their products to a wide range of technicians and distributors.


We have had literally next to no issues with the product what so ever!


When a question pops up the SECURAM staff are there to deal with it IMMEDIATELY!


We here at Customer 1st Safes appreciate the ear that SECURAM has given us (and I am sure many others) when it comes to product development!"   


Mike Marcosa, Customer 1st Safes & Service

"SecuRam is the new standard in safe locks!"


George Thornton, Safe & Vault Professional, Seattle WA

“Thank you! again. You were a big help and very knowledgeable about your products.  I was impressed with the fast response to my website message and how available you were to help me today over the phone. It seems so rare these days to find such great customer service. Keep up the good work! You guys are on the top of my list.P.S. The training Videos are Great!”


Dru Boren, Safe & Vault Professional, Accurate Safe & Lock, St. George Utah

"SecuRam...Setting the Pace in the Security Race...Utillizing today's technology to simplify your security needs."



Jim Kolmer, Safe & Vault Professional, Hoptacong NJ

"I like SecuRam because they stand behind their products."                                                                                   


Joe Vaclavik, Safe & Vault Professional, Branch, MI

"Finally, a 21st Century safe lock. SecuRam...As versatile as they are reliable."


Dan Terrigno, Safe & Vault Professional, American Safe & Vault Service, Cleveland, OH

"The Future is here!"


Joey Lachausse, Safe & Vault Professional, ALOA

"SecuRam products are the wave of the future."


Jerry Kruss, Safe & Vault Professional, Mountain View, CA

"I appreciate SecuRam because of their ease of programming and the excellent customer service."


Tom Schmitt, Safe & Vault Professional, West Allis, WI

"SecuRam locks are easy to use and versatile."


Neil Messick, Safe & Vault Professional, Bakersfield, CA

"SecuRam Safe Locks with Bluetooth...Helping you stay in touch with what matters Most!"


Andrew Nagler, Safe & Vault Professional, Beverly Hills, CA

“If anyone were to say Innovation…I would say SecuRam!”


Gilbert Wade, Safe & Vault Professional, Marion, CT

"Why SecuRam? Outstanding engineering with unbeatable technical support."


Bert Maihle, Safe & Vault Professional, Lynnville, IN


"In the last 2 years, I have installed over a hundred of Securam locks (mostly for NSP's... and probably 15 through my business). I am a great fan of them. I have never (KNOCK ON WOOD) had to drill one that was locked out. I cannot say that for ANY other manufacturer. GREAT PRODUCT!"


Tom Beckham, Waccama Safe and Lock, Conway, SC

"Your commitment to "Great Customer Service" is unsurpassed, I'm a big fan!


Thanks Again SecuRam!"


Scott G Clark, S.G. Clark Safe Services, Pawling NY